Engage Research

engage@liverpool was set up to reflect three distinctive strands in the research tradition at the University of Liverpool: engagement with the major moral, political and philosophical ideas and questions of the day; engagement with, and contribution to, methodological and intellectual innovation; and engagement with people through research – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. engage@liverpool’s broad mission is to promote these three aspects of research both within and across disciplines.

To this end, engage@liverpool organises and supports a range of research methods related activities including:

Core Events

At the heart of our programme of activity is a series of regular research, methods and methods related events. These events feature researchers discussing methodology in the context of their own research, linking questions of method directly to the substantive, analytical and theoretical problems they are seeking to address in their work. Wherever possible, recordings have been made available to download along with additional resources like presentations, papers, and further reading.

Social Research Methods Training

In association with the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology at the University of Liverpool, engage@liverpool offers short five credit specialised methods and methodology training modules in social science research. With a wide range of intensive courses available, postgraduate researchers have the opportunity to tailor their methods training to the demands of their individual research projects. A module list will be available shortly.

Doctoral Research Clinics

As part of engage@liverpool’s annual programme, and the University of Liverpool’s contribution to the Methods North West initiative, we run a series of annual Doctoral Research Clinics on a variety of research themes. The clinics provide doctoral students from across the North West with an opportunity to seek advice and answers to questions relating to their research from an interdisciplinary panel of academic experts. As well as regular sessions on ‘ethics’, previous clinics have also focused on issues related to ‘theory’, ‘analysis’ and ‘researching the lives of others’.

Digital Research Methodologies

engage@liverpool offers a range of talks and workshops focused on promoting innovation in digital research methodologies. The proliferation of new forms of digital data raises significant questions and challenges for researchers working in the social sciences and humanities. In bringing together researchers from a variety of disciplines, engage@liverpool promotes discussion and engagement focusing on effective online tools and digital technologies used to collect and analyse digital research data, and the methodological issues that emerge from generating these new forms of data.

Transformative Legacies Series

The Legacies Series provides an opportunity to trace the complex influence of researchers historically associated with the University of Liverpool. The series forms part of our ESRC funded work on transformative social science, and focuses upon well-known figures who contributed to the shaping of a range of fields and disciplines, critically exploring the notion of legacy in the process. Previous Legacies talks have focused on distinguished figures including Joseph Rotblat, Eleanor Rathbone and Josephine Butler.

Research Master Classes

engage@liverpool runs a series of research master classes designed to provide researchers at all levels with intensive and in-depth training in particular research methods, approaches and designs for research. The workshops are facilitated by experienced researchers and provide unique methods training opportunities in highly-specialised fields of research inquiry.

Transformative Social Science

engage@liverpool is currently involved in a University of Liverpool project funded under the ESRC’s ‘Transformative Social Science’ initiative. This programme seeks to provide a stimulus for pioneering theoretical and methodological innovation and seeks to showcase, discuss and encourage novel developments in social science inquiry.

Intersections of Law and Sociology

In collaboration with the School of Law and Social Justice at the University of Liverpool, this series of events explores interdisciplinary approaches to a variety of research areas in order to understand both the difficulties and possibilities of bridging the disciplinary divide of legal scholarship and sociological inquiry. The series provides a unique opportunity for postgraduate and early-career researchers to appreciate the value of rigorous interdisciplinary engagement across law and sociology.