Social Research Methods Training 2018-2019

In association with the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, we offer short five credit specialised methods and methodology training modules in social science research.

For more information and to register, or to be placed on a waiting list for fully booked modules, email   

SOCI514 Using Surveys and Statistics to Understand Social Attitudes Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st March,

SOCI515 Using Foucault's Methods  Monday 25th March, 1st and 29th April, and 7th May, 

SOCI516 Focus Groups Thursday 28th March and 4th April,

SOCI517 Critical Discourse Analysis Tuesday 26th March & 30th April, 

SOCI518 Visual Data, Visual Analysis Monday 11th &  Tuesday 12th March,  

SOCI519 Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th March, 

SOCI520 Participatory Action Research Friday 1st February, 

SOCI521 Ethnographic Studies of Science and Technology Thursday 28th February & Friday 1st March, 

SOCI524 Narrative Interviewing Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th March, 

SOCI526 Interviewing  Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd February, 

SOCI527 Doing Ethical Research, Semester 2, Friday 15th February, 

SOCI533 Observation Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd May,

SOCI534 Spatial Analysis: Mapping Techniques in Social Research Friday 15th March,  

SOCI540 Photography and Creative Practice Wednesay 20th March, & Thursday 21st March, 

SOCI571 Doing Ethical Research, Semester 1,  Friday 2nd November, 

SOCI573 Doing Twitter Analytics Monday 28th January & Tuesday 19th February,