How to Think about Virginia Woolf

Date of event: 20th March 2013

By: Dr Alexandra Harris

A winner of the 2010 Guardian First Book Award for her study Romantic Moderns, which explored modernism’s fascination with the antiquarian, the eccentric, and the lure of home, ranging from art and literature to garden design and food,  Dr Alexandra Harris' interests are in modern and contemporary literature, particularly Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Bowen, and ideas of ‘Englishness’ in the 20th century.

In her talk, ‘How to think about Virginia Woolf’, Alexandra talked about the different ways in which she has explored Woolf’s work in the course of three different books – the artistic-cultural context in Romantic Moderns, the biographical challenge in her Brief Lives: Virginia Woolf, and from a different perspective again in the book she is currently writing about the weather.

Alexandra’s fascinating talk had something to say to all those working in fields where questions arise around attempts to link text and context through the analysis of literature, literary practice and literary artefacts.