Student Feedback

An email of thanks from Yu Zhang to Dr Irina Biktasheva, a Lecturer in Computer Science

I would like to express my special thanks to you for your support on both my performance and personal life.  Biocomputation is one of my favourite modules and I really appreciate the guidance you have given me, as well as your suggestions on my academic life.  Besides, I appreciate your support in my masters degree application very much.  I am honoured to have you as a referee for my application.


An email from Xi Chen to Dr Irina Biktasheva, a Lecturer in Computer Science

I still remember when I arrived Liverpool for the first time, I found there was so many things that I did not know, and I was uncertain on how much I would achieve in my study; while your words encouraged me, and your suggestions helped me a lot. Moreover, I would like to thank you for writing reference letter for me, and now I have obtained a chance to further study in Oxford the next year. I am happy to tell you that the two years in Liverpool were great and unforgettable and I will miss you as well as the beautiful city.


An email of thanks from Liang Jiang to Professor Steve Hall in Electrical Engineering & Electronics

I’m Liang and I’d like to say thank you very much for the two year study with you in the University of Liverpool. Especially in my final year project, I chose the high-k research and hardware project to build a deep understanding of theory and to improve my research skills, which I believe is very helpful for my future education and career. Also your strict attitudes towards work and science leave a great impression to me and I am trying to act like you in some ways.  And I am glad to receive first class grade from ELEC372 and FYP this year.


 A card from Huiqing Tong, a Bsc Computer Science student to Phil Jimmison, a Professional Specialist in Computer Science

Thankyou very much for writing so many recommendation letters for me.  and thankyou for all your help in my final year project.


An email to from Chengbin Hou to Dr John Counsell, a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering & Electronics

As you know, the final examination result has been released.  As your student, I would like to share it with you: Digital Control 92%, FYP 85% and Overall Average Mark is around 85% with first class degree.  Here, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, since you are the best foreign tutor I've ever made. Really appreciate all the helps you have given.


 An email from Siyu Ai to Dr Ivona Mitrovic a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering & Electronics

It is really impressive how you taught us this module, which made it simple and easy to understand. I got a mark of 58 for this module ELEC212. The knowledge I acquired from your lectures indeed helped me a lot,  especially in my final year project as well as for the assignments of ELEC372 which related to CMOS integrated circuits  simulation and analysis. Now the time as an undergraduate student here is about to over. Thank you for the time and assistance you gave us.  It is a great pleasure to take your course.


An email from Zhongkai Zhang to Dr Ivona Mitrovic, a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering & Electronics

In the past term, you had helped me a lot not only on my Year 2 Project but also on the Module ELEC212. I could not have finished my project and CMOS design without your generous help. And in fact Yuan Zhuang and me were very happy and grateful for the result. This encouraged me to work hard in my further study. Moreover, we have learned a lot from you and we benefited from that.