Research-connected Teaching

Research-connected teaching in the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science is characterised by the following elements:

Content linked to current research

Modules, in particular in the final year of undergraduate degrees and of postgraduate taught degrees, expose students to current research in the discipline and are informed by the research activities and interests of the staff teaching those modules; the research-intensive culture within the School allows us to offer a broad range of such modules, providing students with a choice of research-linked specialisations; a range of modules also include a practical element dedicated to inquiry-based activities and problem-based learning on the part of the students; further exposure to current research is provided by departmental seminars presented by external researchers and expert practitioners, attendance of which is encouraged by the School.

Teaching of research methods and processes

Students on all taught programmes learn about research methods and processes relevant to their discipline in modules specifically or pre-dominantly dedicated to this topic; these modules also contain a practical element which enables students to engage and practice methods of research thereby trying to engender a research ethos in students.

Research Projects undertaken by students

Individual projects are an important and integral part of all our taught programmes; the range of projects offered by staff aims to cater for a range of student abilities and interests and specifically includes projects dedicated to current research within the School; students are encouraged to challenge themselves by undertaking such projects; the School also makes use of EPSRC vacation bursaries which fund undergraduate students undertaking research projects under the supervision of staff over the summer.

On-line Programmes

The on-line programmes offered by the School were among the first such programmes to be offered across Europe. The aims of these programmes are to offer computing professionals as well as `career changers' of graduate status or equivalent, worldwide, the opportunity to develop and update their subject knowledge and professional skills while continuing in full-time employment, so as to equip them for their further career development. In this context, research-connected teaching is characterised by the provision of teaching that is up to date and at the cutting edge of global developments in the field of IT.