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Computer Science School Outreach

During the pandemic, we created a new school outreach activity: Artificial Intelligence – How deep neural networks learn that is specifically suitable for remote delivery.  The full version is available online as a self-paced interactive lecture with videos here:

We also deliver it as a live interactive session over Zoom or face to face in schools, including question-and-answer with academics and students.

The interactive lecture gives a playful introduction to binary classification and a more in-depth interactive exploration of artificial neural networks, and thereby introduces core notions of machine learning in a fun and engaging way. Children develop an intuitive understanding of binary classification tasks and how artificial neural networks are employed in solving these.

A core goal of the workshop is to help demystify artificial intelligence. While artificial-intelligence methods have found widespread adoption and have increasing influence on individuals and society at large, large parts of the general public have had little exposure to its fundamental working principles and limitations.

For more information contact: Sebastian WildCS Outreach Coordinator- School Outreach (

Credits for creating the activities to: Emma Dean, Matthew Fell, Tudor Jianu, Elektra Kypridemou, Joseph Livesey, and Benjamin Smith

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