Image of Dr Waleed Al-Nuaimy

"In the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics we give matters of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion the priority they deserve. It is not a tick-box compliance obligation but rather as part of our common culture and values, embedded into our policies and practices. From equitable student recruitment and admissions to widening participation strategies, attracting and increasing student diversity is key to how we operate.  In my role as Senior Tutor I give these matters particular attention, ensuring our practices have the necessary support structures and training opportunities in place. For example, in 2021 I supported making “Decolonising the EEE Curriculum” a standard item on the Board of Studies agenda, in addition to working with colleagues to ensure EDI was included in the curriculum from all years, including EDI awareness sessions during Welcome Week. While we recognise the challenges ahead of us, there is also a clear recognition of the overwhelming benefits greater inclusion, equality and diversity can bring us all."