Final Year Project Videos 2016-17

Take a look at some of the projects undertaken by our final year students this year.  Students are allocated to bands which relate to a specific area of their interest.

Band A - Signal and Image Processing, Avionics


Ball, Matthew Bistatic Ultrasound Sensor
Chen, Nawei Bistatic Ultrasound Sensor (2)
Da Silva, Josue An anti-drone defensive system
Fang, Tiancheng

Localisation on a robot table

Fang, Yini

Drive a Lego EV3 robot on Mars

Gao, Zijin

Adding a camera to the 4tronix robot platform for the Raspberry Pi

Hastings, Samuel

Safe release of fuel tanks from a UAV

Hu, Shuang

Lego ball-bot

Huang, Yaning

Efficient background noise estimation techniques for modern radars

Jasman, Nadia

Finding MH370

Jiang, Wei

Techniques for rapid search of objects in video sequences

Lu, Jiahuan

Computer-aided breast cancer detection using machine learning

Lu, Ran

Distributed software cache for large-scale data processing

Lu, Yao

Optimal scheduling between cellular and wifi networks for smartphone file downloading

Luo, Jianheng

Low-bandwidth coding of surveillance data

Ma, Xiaotian

Energy efficient neighbour discovery for smart phones

Mehrbod, Yeganeh

Efficient background noise estimator for wearables

Michalik, Aleksandra

Safe release of fuel tanks from a UAV

Mserembo, Sydney

Real-time tracking with a micro-camera

Narang, Anuraag

Developing a data visualisation system using machine learning

Nie, Jiaming

A remote sensing demonstration for the Lego EV3

Wang, Minglun

Automatic modulation recognition using deep learning techniques

Wang, Yansong

Correcting GPS traces

Wang, Zhangcheng

Consistent biometric fusion

Wang, Zhenyu

Stimulating high speed enhanced radar measurements

Wen, Yunlu

A simple demo for document retrieval using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Wu, Tianyu

Smart tagging/annotation of objects in video sequences

Wu, Haonan

Correcting machine reading errors

Wu, Kaiyan Evolutionary computation of distance metric
Wu, Qihan Better social media analysis
Xie, Kaihan A Python tutorial for the 4tronix Raspberry Pi robot platform
Xu, Jiacheng Automatic document categorisation using artificial intelligence
Xue, Bing Drive a Raspberry Pi Robot on Mars
Yan, Jiaxuan Vehicle tracking on boat simulation
Yu, Jiangbo A Remote Sensing Demonstration for the Raspberry Pi 4tronix Robot Platform
Zhang, Yuhang Traffic prediction using supervised learning techniques
Zhang, Ziheng Models, algorithms and techniques for localising indoor movements using sensor data
Zhao, Yang Developing a document search result clustering engine
Zhao, Yu iOS App for Driving an EV3 Robot on Mars
Zhao, Zhiyi Simulating a radar-eye view using a GPU
Zhuang, Linqiao Learning image representation using deep learning models


Band B - Digital and Embedded Systems

Al Hinai, Yousuf Data acquisition - sun tracker
An, Da Whole Body Vibration Monitoring System
Chen, Haotian Direct eye video conferencing
Chen, Xi Mobile phone controlled home appliances using DTMF
Filipe, Jose Mobile phone controlled home appliances using DTMF
Gao, Xiao Design of a digial multimeter using mbed microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M3)
Gross, Thomas Remote control of a robotic hand
Guo, Jinkai Home automation system
Guo, Peisheng Implementation of data encryption system on FPGA
Guo, Xiao Design of digital multimeter using mbed microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M3)
Goksu, Aysel Selin Interactive augmented reality display
Hamill, James

Monitoring & Control of Aquaculture

Han, Shuyi

Mobile robot control

Huang, Yikun

Colour printing of 3D shapes

Hong, Wendong

HCI glove control for intelligent devices

Jiang, Shaoyang

Simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) using Microsoft Kinect

Keene, Katherine

Image analysis of ancient mosaic floors

Li, Shihao

Weather station

Luo, Jian

Parking sensor system

Mok, Kwan

Home surveillance system

Ozdemir, Berkay

Smartwatch/phone for measurement and prediction of alertness and fatigue

Ravichandran, Surya

Glove interface from sign language to speech synthesizer

Shalayel, Hassan

Safety and security wirelessly controlled robot

Shen, Qing

Creation of mosaic templates from computer images

Twenji, Alex

Automatic power factor correction using mbed microcontroller

Varughese, Ashwin

Hardware security

Wang, Bowen Wireless sensor networking
Wang, Hongliang Digital audio effects using mbed microcontroller
Wang, Jian Photodiode testing system
Wu, Junting Developing and Educational Utility on Apple Devices using Objective-C
Wu, Zhihai Direct eye contact video conferencing
Xu, Ziqin Accurate disparity map determination from stereoscopic images
Yang, Guanyu Drowsy driver detection system
Yang, Kaidong Wearable technology for assisting with peripheral vision loss
Yang, Yaoyao Augmented reality interactive interface
Yin, Xizhen Automatic sizing of fish using stereo webcams
Zhang, Jiazheng Design and implementation of a direct digital synthesiser (DDS) on FPGAs
Zhang, Yixuan DNA microarray image processing
Zhang, Yuxiang Software implementation of data encryption system in Objective-C
Zhao, Anjie Software development for cancer research
Zhou, Jingyang Cartesian robot controller
Zhu, Jingxin Smart fish feeder
Zhu, Yuhao Cartesian robot controller
Zu, Manning Compact camera for in circuit test fixtures


Band C - Microelectronics

Abbas, Tahra Smart House
Al Waili, Hilal Outreach experiment for capacitor circuits
Alqattan, Naser Development of DC and AC models for flexible Schottky diode
Chen, Xuanxi A study of CMOS versus Pseudo-PMOS architecture for low-cost integrated circuits
Chen, Zhuoyue Engineering the metal gate work function in low power devices
Fang, Xin Bio stimulator
Fang, Yiwei Band gap determination of novel gate dielectrics
Huang, Yichen Transparent electronics - thin film circuits
Lei, Zehua Tensometer
Liu, Jiasheng Battery capacity measuring device
Liu, Jitong Design and build a Theremin
Lu, Ming Digital load cell interface
Pu, Zhengnan Remote temperature sensing and measurement
Ren, He Spectroscopic ellipsometry: principles and applications
Shen, Dezhi Impedance Logger
Shi, Panwen A study of temperature effects on flexible Schottky diodes
Sona, Edgar Plotting extension for 3D printer
Subhan Saheb, Mohammed 3D printer with paste extrusion
Taydas, Onat Gate stacks on Ge for advanced CMOS technology
Wong, Chi Simple sensor circuit - design, build, test
Xiao, Yichen Nanorectifiers for harnessing THz energy
Xiong, Feng A study of contact resistance in plastic thin-film transistors
Xu, Sheng Simulation of a flexible operational amplifier (Op-Amp)
Xu, Tianhu GaN for high power device applications
Yan, Meng Investigate and design temperature compensation circuitry
Yang, Yuxing Fluoresence to monitor water quality
Yu, Chuxuan Simulation studies on the design architectures of the pixel sensor for flexible cameras
Yuan, Xinchun Optical response of DNA-based transistors
Zhang, Haiming Transparent electronics - thin film transistors
Zhang, Xu A study of sub-threshold operation for ultra-low power logic circuits
Zhao, Kai AC signal generator for cell separation using dielectrophoresis
Zhou, Zequan Design an electronic cochlear using micro-power analogue circuits
Zhou, Zhuangzhuang Transient studies of the CMOS versus pseudo-PMOS organic ring oscillators


Band D - Monitoring, Complex Systems, Power and Control

Aziz, Muhammad Photovoltaic (PV) module management for large scale PV plant
Chen, Sai E-health sensor platform based on Arduino
Cheng, Jin High efficient vector control of induction motor: experimental test
He, Rui Design of a virtual oscilloscope
Jia, Qinjin A Chrome OS Box with a USB camera for face tracking
Kang, Jieying Control of posture in a wheelchair
Li, Fan Control of posture in a wheelchair
Li, Xin Distributed computation and optimal power flow
Li, Ye Low-cost frequency response analyser
Liu, Hang A hardware app store counter
Liu, Yizhong Embedded control of motors
Luo, Yiming Control of a wind turbine for supporting power grid frequency
Ni, Wenqian Speed sensorless control of induction motor for electric vehicle
Ren, Qichao Modelling and operation of wind power generation system based on a doubly fed induction generator
Song, Jiawen Design and development of a portable gas flue analyser
Wang, Dongze Acoustic monitoring of electric motors
Wang, Sheng Design and development of a portable gas flue analyser
Wang, Weipeng Control of a drone for distributed field measurements
Wei, Mengran Low-cost EEG for monitoring brain activity in epileptic patients
Xiang, Jingchun Sub-synchronous resonance of a large wind farm
Yu, Jiangfan Skin image processing for health-care applications
Yu, Tianmiao Maximum power conversion of a variable speed PMSG based wind turbine
Yuan, Bowen Asset tracking using the Sigfox Network
Zhang, Xinzhuo Battery impedance measurements based on a DC-DC converter
Zheng, Jianqing Load frequency control of a smart grid via direct controlled load
Zhu, Dongyu Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) charging for SRM based electrical vehicle


Band E - Bio-nanoengineering and RS Devices

Al Asmi, Badar Sun tracker for solar panel
Albino, Paulo High efficiency RF/DC conversion using swithing-mode matching circuit
Alibrahim, Mohammad Build an atomic force microscope
Al-Shabibi, Ali Metal detection device
Chu, Jinru Energy harvesting in the vicinity of power transmission lines
Deng, Xiezhi Build a AM radio receiver
Dun, Dun Communication of information using an odour channel
Han, Hongjian Design of Wireless RF Energy Transfer System
He, Yunzhi Build a Kelvin Probe Microscope
Jin, Yuxin Build a metal detector
Ju, Boyue Design, test and build a MOPFET device
Moniz, Robespier Design and build a water salinity sensor
Mudenda, Lukonde Looking at atoms
Nie, Dawei High Efficiency Class-E Push-Pull Power Amplifiers
Ning, Yibo An EEG brain activity monitor
Phillips, Daniel
Ren, Junyan 3D reconstruction from 2D images
Sun, Fucheng Design of electromagnetic jumping ring
Tuna, Kaspars KT Optical Information Storage Devices
Wang, Junkai Build a Magnetic Force Microscope
Wang, Shunyao Chromatic monitoring of a micro-plasma
Wang, Xizhe Simulation and modelliing of a quadrupole mass spectrometer
Wang, Ye Energy Harvesting around High Power Transmission Lines
Wang, Yichuan Analysis of molecular motors
Wang, Zhao Design of Envelope Modulator for Mobile Communication Systems
Yu, Yitong RF Filter Design Using Transmission Lines
Zhang, Wanting High efficiency RF/DC conversion with harmonic control
Zhang, Yuhang Fish counting sensor
Zhao, Ziming Parallel amplifier


Band F - Technological Plasmas

Al-Marzouqi, Ahmed Miniature solar panel
Awang Ja'apari, Dayang Design and build a class AB audio amplifier
Fan, Wenda Simulation of metal volatility in plasma vitrification process
Fu, Ruochen Design a gliding arc system driven by magnetic field
Gao, Junjie Development of a Matlab-based user interface for a plasma simulation tool
Gao, Yuan Raman spectrometer
Gillies, Robert A peltier based cloud chamber
Hasham, Zain Automated watering system for a home garden
Hu, Xing Develop hardware and software for water contact angle measurements of plasma treated surfaces
Huang, Xuewei Development of an online power measurement system
Kancal, Mehmet Electron heating in a pulsed sheath
Kar, Avik Analysis tool for mass spectrometry data obtained from atmospheric pressure plasmas
Keating, Jordan Design and build a stereo class D audio amplifier
Li, Taixiang Real-time crop/plant monitoring and maintenance system
Li, Yuhong Optimisation of a plasma chemical reaction using neural network
Lu, Kaitian Equivalent circuit modelling of an industrial plasma device
Ma, Haoqin Electron trajectory modelling for magnetised plasmas
Morris, Matthew Construction of a particle image velocimetry (PIV) system
Nwokedi, Michael Miniature wind turbine
Su, Yu Equivalent circuit of a low pressure plasma
Tamin, Mohamad Design and build a stereo class A audio amplifier
Wang, Haoran A sensor-controlled light source
Wang, Hongce Automated control of a plasma discharge system
Wang, Weizao Outreach experiment
Wang, Xiangrui Motion behaviour of atmospheric pressure gliding arc discharges
Wu, Kejia Simulation of plasma chemical reaction
Xu, Ruoshu Electronic circuit to drive a special triple probe for plasma measurements
Xu, Wenyuan A smartphone brewery controller and user interface
Yu, Qingsong Traffic light detection and control system
Zhang, Junming Development of a C++ based user-interface for a plasma simulation tool
Zhao, Weisu Design of a circuit to measure the current-voltage characteristic of a double probe in plasma 
Zhao, Xuye Plasma ozone generator
Zhou, Zijie Windmill inside flowing plasma


Band G - Wireless Engineering, Communications and Networking

Alnaqbi, Saeed Simulation study of scheduling methods for 4G LTE networks
Cain, Alexander Wifi controlled exclusion zone for commercial drones
Cui, Jingyu Smart sensor system using a Raspberry Pi single-board computer
Esmaeel, Ahmad Development of a metal detector
Gao, Jingyuan A water antenna for FM/DAB radio
He, Shuhui Sensing touch from a robot arm
Hu, Yingjie Simulation study of design trade-offs in 4G LTE networks
Jiao, Dian Algorithms for adaptive spectrum sensing in cognitive radio
Li, Xinyi

Simulation study of femto-cell access point deployments in 4G LTE networks

Li, Yumo

Energy detection based spectrum sensing for cognitive radio

Li, Yunxi

RPL routing for the internet of things

Liu, Yuyang

A smart car parking system

Lyu, Xiaohan

Designing and implementation a vibro - tactile authentication system

Sun, Qizhen

What is the maximum antenna directivity for a given size and frequency?

Wang, Jingwen

Development of a wifi policer for embedded devices

Wang, Maotong

Development of an antenna for LTE smart phones

Wang, Pin

Spectrum occupancy measurements using SDR platforms

Wang, Taiyu

Development of a navigation system for blind people

Wang, Ziang

Sound source localisation

Wu, Dongxiang

Optical heart rate monitor

Wu, Yingjie

A passive automobile collision warning system

Wu, Yuhan

Terahertz and infrared imaging: single pixel camera

Yang, Rui Smart antenna for smart phones
Yuan, Xinyue Algorithms for selection of sensing channel in cognitive radio systems
Zhang, Shan Deep learning for advanced image analysis
Zhao, Ruimin Development of a broadband wireless energy harvesting system
Zhu, Meilu Low cost transmission imaging spectrograph
Zhuang Implementation of a spectrum analyser using Matlab and RTL-SDR