Photo of Prof Yi Huang

Prof Yi Huang PhD

Professor Electrical Engineering and Electronics


    Wireless communications, RF and microwave engineering and technologies

    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • A New Method for Antenna Efficiency Measurements
    • ktp with Wardaro Ltd
    • Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Green Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Failure mechanisms in DC power capacitors
    • A novel free-space time-domain technique for dielectric properties measurements.
    • A new method for characterising antenna diversity systems.
    • The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation
    • KEL 09/20 - Sustainable ICT Technology -'Development of Green Wireless Receiver with Low-Complexity & High-Performance Equalization Techniques'
    • KEL 11/25 - Development of an indoor wayfinding system for the visual impaired
    • Investigation of the insitu electrical properties of concrete structures at radar frequencies.
    • Impact Acceleration Account - University of Liverpool 2012
    • ACE II
    • Antenna Centre of Excellence (ACE).
    Research Collaborations

    Dr J White

    External: MVG

    RF microwave measurement facilities

    M. Roberts

    External: Guidance Cotrol System

    Indoor positioning systems

    Prof. N Carter

    External: Qinetiq


    J. Zhou, W Al-Naimy, X Zhu, Y Shen, J Spencer, S Hall


    A range of wireless related projects

    Dr Thien How


    In-body wireless communications for medical implant devices

    Prof Steve Millard


    Ground penetrating radar for civil engineering applications

    Rob Lewis

    External: BAE Systems


    Dr H Wang

    External: Huawei Tech

    Mobile radio devices

    Dr Asger Eriksen

    External: Zetic

    Radar and RF Engineering

    Prof Ian Macdiarmid


    Applied electromagnetics

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