Dr Xinping Yi PhD, MIEEE, FHEA

Lecturer in Wireless Communications Electrical Engineering and Electronics


    Selected Publications

    1. Asymptotic Spectral Representation of Linear Convolutional Layers (Journal article - 2022)
    2. Opportunistic Treating Interference as Noise (Journal article - 2020)
    3. Opportunistic Topological Interference Management (Journal article - 2020)
    4. On the Optimality of Treating Inter-Cell Interference as Noise: Downlink Cellular Networks and Uplink-Downlink Duality (Journal article - 2020)
    5. TDMA is Optimal for All-Unicast DoF Region of TIM if and only if Topology is Chordal Bipartite (Journal article - 2018)
    6. Topological Interference Management With Decoded Message Passing (Journal article - 2018)
    7. Optimality of Treating Interference as Noise: A Combinatorial Perspective (Journal article - 2016)
    8. Topological Interference Management With Transmitter Cooperation (Journal article - 2015)
    9. The Degrees of Freedom Region of Temporally Correlated MIMO Networks With Delayed CSIT (Journal article - 2014)
    10. Degrees of Freedom of Time Correlated MISO Broadcast Channel With Delayed CSIT (Journal article - 2013)