Dr Roberta Piroddi PhD

Data Scientist Public Health and Policy


Personal Statement

Dr Roberta Piroddi joined the University of Liverpool in 2016 as a PDRA. Her research interests inhabit the interface between engineering, computer science and psychology, with an emphasis on health and society.

Dr Piroddi researches low and high level information fusion methods, which deal with the challenge of sense-making in the presence of heterogeneous, ambiguous and high volume data from multiple sources. She enjoys multidisciplinary research the most. Her methodological approach often uses digital signal processing and machine learning to draw a coherent picture from different data strands. Crucially, since this picture needs to be seen and interpreted by human decision makers, often in high stakes situations, she co-develops her approaches with psychologist, especially experts in human decision-making, to design the best tools to translate the quantitative results into actionable domain-specific knowledge. Roberta has worked with Professor Simon Maskell and Professor Jason Ralph in EEE, Dr Yannis Goulermas in Computer Science, and Professor Laurence Alison in Psychology at the University of Liverpool.

Before Liverpool, she worked from 2006 in commercial R&D developing solutions in multimedia analytics, interfaces and media asset management products for broadcasting, real-time systems, and creative industries. During her work in industry she has honed her stakeholder-listening skills. She often worked to develop custom-built solutions from requirement to prototype.

She holds a PhD in Computer Vision and Machine Learning from the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey (UK) and a Laurea (cum Laude) in Electronic Engineering from the Università degli Studi di Cagliari, in Italy.