Technological Plasmas Research Group

The group's main research activities are experimental and modelling studies of low temperature technological plasmas and their applications. These include magnetized plasmas (DC and pulsed DC magnetrons, HIPIMS), atmospheric plasmas (DBDs, micro-discharges, micro-fluidic devices), capacitively-coupled RF plasmas, complex plasmas and arcs in fluids.

These plasma sources are used for non-reactive and reactive sputtering (PVD) to deposit thin films, the treatment and deposition of polymeric films for biocompatibility and cell growth and functionalisation of novel materials (e.g. carbon nano tubes, synthetic scaffolds for cell growth). Experimental and theoretical research of complex (dusty) plasmas in RF capacitively coupled plasmas with access to experiments on the international space station (in collaboration with MPE, Garching).

Fundamental studies of plasma-surface interactions including sheath physics and dynamics. A wide variety of standard plasma diagnostics are used such as Langmuir probes (single, double, triple, cylindrical), emissive probes, B dot probes, time-resolved optical imaging, optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and laser diagnostics techniques (photo-detachment). The research activity also includes plasma diagnostic development such as probe theory and time resolved Langmuir probes and time resolved mass spectroscopy.

Prof James Bradley
Dr Mark Bowden
Dr James Walsh
Dr Xin Tu
Dr Kirsty McKay

Dr P M Bryant

Dr Zaenab Abd-Allah
Dr Martina Modic
Dr Brandon Harris
Dr Jenny Hanson

PhD Students:
Frederic Moix
TJ Petty
Mohammad Hasan
Chao Xu
Francis Lockwood Estrin
Yuxuan Zeng
Danhua Mei
Liu Shiyun
Tom Hardiment
Ni Yuan
Tom Farley
Ali Al_Khateeb
Sam Murphy-Sugrue
Carl Fletcher
Bryony Ashford
Michael Barnes

Technical Staff:
Alan Roby