Signal Processing


Exempar recent and current projects of the group include:


  • WEB-RADR: An EU-funded project which includes the analysis of social media data to detect signals indicative of side-effects being caused by drugs.  
  • GAMMA: A collaborative project involving local SMEs and large industrial organisations working with the University to develop tools for future autonomous air vehicles.
  • Improved Maritime Decision Making: A collaboration with psychology researchers to develop decision making tools that, in contrast to many that have been developed in the past, actually improve operators’ ability to robustly detect threats posed to a naval platform.
  • Bayesian Analysis of Competing Cyber Hypotheses: An EPSRC-funded project to develop tools that help staff in a secure operating centre to make judgements and decisions on the basis of imprecision, conflicting and ambiguous information.
  • Co-development of Mathematical Models and Monte-Carlo Algorithms for Improved Detection of Targets in the Commercial Maritime Domain: A project to develop new models for the movement of objects that capture phenomena that can be exploited by modern numerical Bayesian techniques, such as particle filters.
  • Enhancing Sensor Performance with Statistical Data Analytics: A project to develop techniques that enable multiple sensors’ data to be fused in such a way that objects of potential interest can be highlighted to a human operator.
  • Sensing for Asset Protection using Integrated Electronic Networked  Technology: A TSB-funded project to develop sensor fusion systems that can autonomously identify that sensors are currently deviating from their specified performance and so task and fuse these sensors’ data in a way that is currently appropriate.

We've also done work to simulate the videos that are generated by next-generation cameras. Here are two examples: