BioMEMS, Organic and Silicon Electronics

The group operates in the Wolfson and BioMEMS laboratories, which are located in 800 sgm of mainly class-100 clean room environment. The laboratories host micro- and nano-manufacturing facilities, test and operation equipment for microfluidics (lab-on-chip) and sensors, biomedical, organic and silicon devices and circuits.

Research focuses on the design, fabrication, testing, measurement, analysis and modelling of micro/nano structures and devices that integrate silicon and related materials, polymers and biomolecules.

A significant activity on electrical and optical materials characterisation underpins the device related work. Design and modelling is constructed using Silvaco, Cadence and Coventor tools. Some highlights of the capabilities include, spectro-ellipsometry, atomic force microscopy and nanofabrication, laser ablation micro/nano-fabrication and a pilot line for the production of polymer thin film transistors.

Academic Members

Professor S Hall
Dr K HoettgesDr S Khursheed
Dr I Mitrovic
Dr M Raja
Dr I Sandall
Dr H Van Zalinge


Associated Groups

Organic Electronics
Solid State Electronics