Advanced Networks

The group, led by Professor Alan Marshall, is concerned with all related research into telecommunications and computer networks.  The group has a strong history of collaborative research with industry and has very close links with a number of major international companies including Nortel networks, BT, Philips and Xilinx, through directly funded collaborative research and numerous student sponsorship programmes.  It also actively participates in European collaborative projects (TEN-IBC, ACTS, Framework V, Framework VI).  

Current projects include novel network architectures for Quality of Service (QoS), programmable networks, network management and network processing, adaptive packet scheduling, denial-of-service attack behaviour recognition in wireless networks, and programmable routing protocols for ad-hoc and sensor networks.

The group's laboratory serves as the main focus for research into all aspects of computer and telecommunications networks related research.  The laboratory contains state-of-the-art facilities to allow research into fixed and wireless networks, network management systems; and distributed video/audio and video conferencing systems.  This allows research into heterogeneous networks, and future fast packet switching technologies.

Academic Members

Professor A Marshall
Dr M Lopez-Benitez
Dr S Yang
Dr X Zhu


Postgraduate Researchers

Ahmed Al-Tahmeesschi
Andrew Bolster
Valerio Selis
Kainan Zhu