Electrical Engineering and Electronics MPhil/PhD

Major code: EEER / EEPR


The Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is at the forefront of research in selected, dynamic areas of the discipline. Its postgraduate body is one of the largest in the University, encompassing world class fundamental and applied research.

Subject Overview

Join us and you'll be part of a vibrant research community that carries out internationally-leading work and publishes in the most prestigious international journals.

We organise our research into four interacting groups, each headed by a Professor. These groups are:-

Research work is funded by the UK Research Councils, the EU and industry and we've strong links with other disciplines, including basic science, life sciences and mathematics.

Research in the department connects and contributes strongly to undergraduate teaching.

Key Facts

Research Assessment
The department aims to excel in carefully selected key areas of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

We are strongly committed to building on our research strengths, pursuing novel interdisciplinary projects and maintaining a good balance between strategic, applied, industrial and fundamental research.

Establishing an international dimension to our research is a further priority, as is creating a “research and teaching continuum”, in part by nurturing postgraduate students to become future researchers.

This development drive has led to a near doubling of the research output within the census period for the last RAE.

Why Electrical Engineering and Electronics?

Our postgraduate research school

The postgraduate research school is very active, with research students engaging in PhD studies aided in experimental work by post-doctoral research assistants. We also welcome many visitors from overseas universities, research institutes and industry. The school is widely recognised as a key research contributor in a number of areas at the core of new technology. In this we collaborate with business and educational establishments globally.

Facilities and equipment

Electrical Engineering and Electronics occupies a purpose-built centre with highly equipped electrical, computing and research laboratories and offices. The postgraduate laboratories here feature the latest research facilities and instrumentation, including specialist facilities for:- - processing semiconductor devices - technological plasmas - equipment for testing switchgear - underwater and welding robots - e-Automation - RF engineering There's also a bionanoengineering laboratory, along with fully equipped mechanical and electrical workshops.