Postgraduate Research Opportunities (MPhil / PhD)

PhD Student in Clean Room

As a Russell Group Institution, the Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics has an international reputation for world class research.  Studying for your PhD within the department ensures you are supervised by leading experts and have access to some of the very best facilities.  The Universities cutting edge research and support of interdisciplinary projects has led to the Department being widely recognised as a training ground for some of the best future industry leaders and academic minds.

We have a large postgraduate research population and offer a wide range of specialities.  Current research topics are diverse and include Wireless 5G, Robotics, Computer Imaging, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security and Green Energy.  Most of our projects have close industrial and academic links worldwide, offering huge opportunity for networking and further collaboration.  As well as academic research, our students also take part in a rich training programme designed to strengthen research skills and potential employability.

In 2013, The University of Liverpool took part in the National PRES Survey which records feedback from postgraduate researchers about their University PhD experience.  We are proud to say the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics scored 100% Student Satisfaction.  You can hear from our students directly about their PhD experience here.

To apply and find out about PhD funding, please click here.