VITAL is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) through which learning and teaching activities and resources can be offered online. The eLU supports staff in its use through workshops, online resources, Winter and Summer Schools, email and ‘phone help, and one-to-one support.

VITAL is the University of Liverpool’s VLE which uses the Blackboard Learn software and is the main, centrally-supported system for learning and teaching. Every module has a dedicated online area in VITAL. The is the University standard for all modules which specifies the key content and information students most want to see in a module. Other services run through VITAL include:

  • Turnitin (which helps with originality checking of student work)
  • Campus Pack (which includes wiki creation tools for students)

New to VITAL?

For academic staff the workshop ‘An introduction to Technology Enhanced Learning’ runs once a term which you can book using the Centre for Lifelong Learning booking system. This provides an overview of the centrally-supported technologies available at Liverpool, their range of applications for teaching and learning (with a focus on VITAL), and the institutional policies and strategies which you need to take into consideration when planning to use learning technologies.

For staff who have never used Blackboard we also regularly run a short, practical session in our computer lab ‘VITAL Essentials’. This workshop takes you from scratch, through the basics of working with VITAL and important considerations including the VITAL Baseline, copyright and accessibility.

The module ‘VITAL Baseline and guidance’ takes you step-by-step through each of the Baseline elements.

If you have previously worked at an institution that used the Blackboard software for its VLE then you will already be generally familiar with how to use the system. However, the version used at Liverpool might well be different and so some tools and functionalities either unavailable or work in slightly different ways. Please do contact the eLU to discuss this and to find out which workshop would be most suitable for you.