The Logo for Schwartz Rounds


The University of Liverpool has been running Schwartz Rounds for healthcare students since February 2016. The Rounds are attended by students studying medicine, dentistry, clinical psychology, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic radiography and orthoptics.

Schwartz Round Format

  • Food and refreshments are provided for face-to-face Rounds 30 minutes before the Round begins; Rounds last one hour.
  • The Round begins with an introduction from the two facilitators followed by three pre-prepared storytellers who speak for 5 minutes each, in turn, uninterrupted.
  • Members of the audience are invited to share their feelings and similar stories and experiences after the storytellers have spoken.
  • Two trained facilitators contain and shape the discussion. Conversations are steered away from problem solving/case discussions and focus on the emotional impact of healthcare work.
  • Confidentiality is maintained but conversations about content and connections are encouraged outside of the group.
  • We run our Rounds every month from October to April. They are open to all healthcare students and are free to attend.

Examples of Schwartz Round Topics

  • A patient I’ll never forget
  • In at the deep end
  • Accepting that we cannot fix everything
  • Caught between their patient and their family
  • Being on the other side: when the professional is the patient
  • We all make mistakes
  • Gifts from patients
  • A colleague I’ll never forget

See our Students section to find out when Schwartz Rounds for Students are running at the University of Liverpool.