What is Student Experience?

Student experience is a vital aspect to the student journey during a students time at the institution. The student experience involves the entire university life cycle from admissions to progressing into a career, the engagement of students with their learning as well as other aspects that may impinge on the students ability to learn such as wellbeing and financial problems. There are student experience teams at institutional level, faculty level and school level. The different levels of student experience will deal with different aspects of student experience, with the insitituional level being more specialised in one specific area of student experience. 

What is dealt with at Faculty Level?

Here, information can be found on who the student experience team is for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, the work that is involved in student experience as well as the processes which are dealt with at faculty level. The faculty is dedicated to ensuring that students are supported, that the faculty is inclusive and that any problems that students face are effectively dealt with. The faculty is involved in widening participation, ensuring the prevelance of the student voice as well as being involved in a number of policies/procedures.

At faculty level, the processes which are dealt with include; Fitness to Practise, Health Conduct Committee/Panels and Faculty Risk Assessment Panels as well as students who are deemed to be withdrawn and  appeals by students for an academic decision made by a module review board or board of examiners in relation to their studies. More information regarding these policies and procedures can be found here.