Quality Assurance

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners meetings are held biannually in October and May. The cut off dates of 1 September and 1 April for submission of assessments are six weeks prior to the Board of Examiners meeting to allow for marking, moderation and examination.

Programme participants are invited to contact the Academy Administration Office (theacademy@liverpool.ac.uk) to arrange to speak with the External Examiner in an earlier meeting on the same day as the Board of Examiners meeting.

The External Examiner is Dr Nigel Russell who is from the University of Sheffield.

The Chair of the Board of Examiners is Dr Sue Bolt.

The Secretary of the Board of Examiners is Ms Claire Hough.

The Academy Curriculum Board

The Academy Curriculum Board is comprised of colleagues in the following roles:

  • Programme Directors of Studies
  • Module or course leaders
  • Members of staff teaching on the programmes
  • Assessors
  • One or more representatives of the students registered on the programme(s)
  • Programme administrators

Programme participants are invited to express their interest in participating in the Academy Curriculum Board by contacting the Academy Administration Office (theacademy@liverpool.ac.uk) or the Programme Directors of Studies. One or two colleagues will be selected from a range of academic development programmes to represent their peers who are registered on the programmes.

Members of the Academy Curriculum Board are expected to serve on the Board for the full academic year. Membership will be revised annually.

The Chair of the Academy Curriculum Board is Dr Sue Bolt.

The Secretary of the Academy Curriculum Board is Ms Claire Hough.

Four meetings will be held annually in September, November, February and April. The dates are yet to be announced.

Decisions made by Academy Curriculum Board are processed through the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences School Scrutiny Panel.