My Liverpool Web Portal

The My Liverpool Web Portal is a signposting website designed to be used by current, alumni and prospective students as a hub where they can search and find all co-and extra- curricular activities that the University of Liverpool has to offer e.g. Student Representation, sport, or volunteering opportunities. The Portal is managed and updated on a departmental level by nominated My Liverpool Portal Administrator from each department.

Students can search for specific activities on My Liverpool, or filter via category (‘social activity’, ‘skills development’, or ‘more opportunities’) to help them find what they are looking for.  If logged in, results linked to the student's department will be highlighted.

The portal is designed to be used by UG, PGT, and PGR students with relevant activities flagged by the following icons.

UG PGT PGR image

Activities that are HEAR-verifiable (More information on this in Element 3) are also flagged by the following icon.

My Liverpool H logo

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