My Liverpool e-Portfolio

Students have an individual e-portfolio which comprises a record of all completed HEAR verifiable activities (any activity that has been approved to appear on a student’s HEAR, see What is a protocol? for more information on how an activity achieves this).

To find out more about HEAR verifiable activities, visit the HEAR Activities FAQs page.

Each department’s My Liverpool HEAR Protocol Administrator enters the list of students who have completed each HEAR-verifiable activity into a spreadsheet template and then uploads this to MyLAS. All of this data should be passed to the administrator/s from each activity’s owner.

Students can then log into their e-portfolio to view the activity and also reflect on the skills gained. The My Liverpool e-portfolio is hosted in PebblePad (guides below).

Students' activities are entered into their e-portfolio and then are automatically added to their Portfolio of Activity in their Toolbox.

Students are encouraged to reflect on the skills developed through participation in such activities.

Graduating students can choose which activities (up to five) they wish to appear on their HEAR.

Co and extra- curricular activity details are added to student e-portfolios in the form of a protocol. Guidance for writing and gaining approval for a protocol can be found on the What is a protocol? page.

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