The HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) is an electronic record which a student receives upon graduation, replacing a more traditional printed transcript.  The HEAR contains ‘institutionally verified’ information about the details of a student’s degree programme, including modules studied and marks gained in all years of study.

Section 6.1.2 of the HEAR is a verified list of certain co- and extra- curricular activities that the student has participated in and that have been verified by the University, each accompanied by a small description of what the student had the opportunity to learn and take part in so that potential employers can get an overview of the student’s skills and experiences.

Students are able to choose which of their verified co- and extra- curricular activities will appear on their final HEAR up to a maximum of five.

Only certain activities are HEAR-verifiable. If a department believes an activity meets the HEAR criteria, they can contact the My Liverpool team to start the process of writing a ‘protocol’ before it is approved by the HEAR Protocol approval panel. The HEAR Protocol Approval panel is a group of university staff who assess submitted HEAR protocols either approving them or providing feedback for further development.

To find out more about protocols, visit the What is a protocol? page.

For any queries, please first visit the HEAR Activities FAQs.