Student Support

An increasingly diverse student body comes with more varied, and sometimes more demanding support requirements. Deciding how to structure and manage the way you support students in order to maximise the best use of available time and resources is important. Central support provision is designed to complement support at programme, department and school levels in the University.

Title Description Discipline
Academic Advice and guidance

This is a short clip from an interview with Dr Zen Lewis after she had won a student award for being a most supportive academic. She speaks about how she listens and then signposts students to the relevant source of help. 

Duration: 2 minutes

Biological Sciences
Academic Advising The University of Liverpool regards the role of the Academic Advisor as a fundamental component of the relationship between academic teaching staff and students. It is an important contributor to a positive student experience. This website provides information about the role including a short video and faculty handbooks. Web links to other central student support services are also available.  
iLearn - generic learning capabilities development

iLearn is the University of Liverpool’s online digital literacies and learning development portal.  It is available to all University of Liverpool undergraduate and postgraduate students worldwide.  It is designed to contribute to the development of robust academic and scholarly practices whilst at Liverpool. In addition there are four disciplinary iLearn sites available:

  • Statistical skills development
    This version of iLearn was developed by PhD Psychology students for undergraduate use. It will be of benefit for all students who are required engage with statistics during their course of study. Students can elect to complete the statistics diagnostic.
  • History
    This version of iLearn was developed by Writing@Liverpool tutors, includes a specific History writing diagnostic and responds to the key challenges faced by History students when writing their assignments. The diagnostic is embedded in curriculum at Level 1.
  • Physics Lab skills
    This version of iLearn supports students in understanding and recall of key lab skills. Students are able to access the resources in real time in the Central Teaching Lab.
  • ULMS
    This version of iLearn was developed specifically for Management School students. The diagnostic is embedded into a first year formative assignment task that requires students to reflect on their learning skills. It includes and builds on the resources available in the generic iLearn.
My Liverpool This is a University of Liverpool web-based signposting resource showcasing the wide variety of co- and extra-curricular activities available to all students (UG, PGT and PGR). The portal can also be accessed by prospective students. It aims to support the enhancement of the student experience by highlighting the range of activities and by encouraging students to reflect on skills developed through their participation.  
Peer Mentoring The role of the Peer Mentor is to offer practical help and advice to new students, and to act as a referral point as appropriate to other services/contacts. The Peer Mentoring programme at The University of Liverpool provides training for second and third year students who volunteer as student mentors. The mentor is then linked up to a small number of first year students (typically 3-5). This website provides further information and a handbook.  
Supporting reflective processes with students: insights from a review of research

This briefing note is intended for staff within higher education whose students engage in reflective processes as part of their learning. We offer a framework that tutors may employ to help shape the way in which their students carry out such processes. The framework was developed during a review of research studies pertinent to professional education, with a particular focus on new academic staff.