Awards and Prizes

Institutional awards for Learning and Teaching

The University of Liverpool recognises excellence in learning and teaching through an annual internal awards process. The deadline for nominations will be notified by each Faculty. Please see the Teaching Quality Support Division pages on Learning and Teaching awards for further information.

National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) Scheme

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) coordinated by Advance HE recognises and rewards excellence in teaching in Higher Education in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The University has achieved good success in recent rounds of the scheme. 

The scheme aims to:

- raise the profile of learning and teaching

- recognise and celebrate individuals and teams who make an outstanding impact on the student learning experience

- provide a national focus for institutional teaching and learning excellence schemes 

Further details about the NTF and CATE are available on the Advance HE website.

Call for expressions of interest in submitting an application for an NTF or CATE award in 2019

The awards are anticipated to run in a similar way to previous years although this will only be confirmed by official announcement from Advance HE in early 2019. 

Individual award (NTF)

Any member of staff who is interested in submitting an application for an Individual National Teaching Fellowship is asked to write an initial statement of around 500 words against the (2018) scheme criteria: 

- Individual excellence: evidence of enhancing and transforming the student learning experience commensurate with the individual’s context and the opportunities afforded by it.

- Raising the profile of excellence: evidence of supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning; demonstrating impact and engagement beyond the nominee’s immediate academic or professional role.

- Developing excellence: evidence of the nominee’s commitment to her/his ongoing professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support.

Collaborative Award (CATE)

Any team who is interested in submitting an application for a Collaborative Award is asked to write an initial statement of around 750 words against the (2018) scheme criteria:

Excellence in the team’s collaborative approach 

- Evidence of excellence in the team’s approach to working collaboratively; commensurate with their context and the opportunities afforded by it.

Excellence in the impact of collaborative working 

- Evidence of the team having a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning beyond their immediate academic or professional area.

Next Steps

Decisions on which candidates are to be asked to prepare a full application will be made by a steering group that works to the Pro Vice Chancellor for Education, with senior representation included from each Faculty. The group expects to select up to three members of staff to receive mentoring support to prepare the full application.  

The process within the University for applications under the scheme is coordinated by The Leadership, Organisational, Staff & Academic Development Academy (“The Academy”)


Potential candidates are welcome to contact Dr Charles Buckley (Email:, Tel: 41165) for further advice.

Expressions of interest should be submitted to Dr Buckley by 11th January 2019. An expression of interest should be accompanied by a brief endorsement (e.g. via email) from the Head of Department.