Peter Kahn

Job Title: Educational Developer

Telephone: 0151 794 2497

Fax: 0151 794 2512


Job Role:

My main role is as the Director of Studies for the University's online professional doctorate in Higher Education (EdD). I also contribute to the centre's postgraduate programmes in learning and teaching. I am responsible for coordinating the process by which the University submits for applications for National Teaching Fellowships, supporting colleagues in developing applications. I have active research interests in relation to professional learning, student engagement, continuing professional development and research-led learning.


I joined the University in 2007, coming over from the University of Manchester where I was engaged for many years in teaching on programmes for new academic staff, developing education across the university (for instance in enquiry-based learning, where the university secured a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) and helping to establish the academic framework and regulations for the merged university. I have published widely on higher education, with books on collaborative working in higher education, the development of university teaching, staff and educational development, and the study of mathematics at university level. I was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2014, and I became a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2015.


My research interests now centre on the application of perspectives from critical realism and realist social theory to the study of higher education, taking in such areas as collaborative working, student engagement, academic development, learning theory, reflective practice, professionalism in medical education, widening participation and academic writings skills.


For a fuller indication of my current range of publications, please see my webpage.

Selected publications are as follows:

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