Martin Gough

Job Title: Educational Developer

Telephone: 0151 794 1486

Fax: 0151 794 2512


Job Role:

I have a major role with the online EdD in Higher Education, as thesis Research Cluster Chair, supervisor and examiner and as Monitor role for the pre-thesis stage modules. I contribute also to the campus based programmes CPS/PGCert/Dip/MA in Learning and Teaching in HE, in particular in leading an optional module and workshops on Developing Your Role as a Research Degree Supervisor. I have an interest in collaborative work for developing pedagogic and other research in higher education. I am the Centre for Lifelong Learning representative on the Humanities & Social Sciences Faculty Academic Quality and Standards Committee. I organised the University’s general Learning & Teaching Conference in 2016.


I joined the University in Spring 2015 as an Educational Developer. I have been working in higher education in the UK for over 25 years, most recently teaching on academic staff and researcher development programmes at University College London and the University of Kent and then on MA and BA programmes as Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at De Montfort University. Before that, I was teaching Philosophy and Social Science variously, for the Universities of Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Birkbeck and the Institute of Education London, Leeds Metropolitan and The Open University. This was initially while attaining my PhD on the philosophy of The Self from the University of Leeds (awarded 1997) and through subsequent postdoctoral research posts on a series of externally funded projects: on distance teaching and learning, based at Leeds Metropolitan University, in collaboration with the European Trade Union College and various trade union confederations; as a founder member of the University of London Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning; and then on Accountancy professional training, based at Warwick University Business School.


In broad terms, my research interests lie in: higher (and especially postgraduate and research) education, work related learning and professional education & training, employability and other economic & wider benefits of learning, lifelong and adult learning, learning technology, research methodology, interdisciplinarity, identity, including philosophical alongside empirical enquiry into these areas. I convene the Postgraduate Issues Network of the Society for Research into Higher Education.


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Grants for projects led

Production of Innovatory Teaching Materials (with Prof. Laurence Goldstein, £8,900 from Kent Innovation & Enterprise Ideas Factory, 2011; following on from £2,880 from the Higher Education Academy in 2009 for project: Design of teaching materials informed by consideration of learning-impaired students)

Evaluation of researcher support programmes: assessment within development events, and the attitudes and experiences towards academic careers provision, of early career academics (ECAs) (£17,775 from the Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic, 2008)