Mark O'Brien

Job Title: Senior Research Fellow

Telephone: 0151 794 1190

Fax: 0151 794 2512


Job Role:

I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Educational Development Division of the Centre for Lifelong Learning.


Having worked in Further Education for many years I came to the University of Liverpool in 2000 to do my PhD in Labour Internationalism. Shortly afterwards I became an Associate Director of the 'Centre for the Study of the Child, the Family and Law'. From there I moved to the Educational Development Division to conduct research into the new Learning Networks that had been established for Liverpool schools.

My academic and professional activities have included a range of types of research and strategic initiative including network development in the areas of critical evaluation, access evaluation, accredited community research, public engagement and social fairness in the City of Liverpool. Currently I am involved in the evaluation of widening participation and fair access at the University of Liverpool.

I sit on the Council of the UK Evaluation Society for which I am the current vice-President. I am also a Council member of the National Educational Opportunities Network.

I manage the John Hamilton Lifelong Learning lectures.


My main research interests are: Critical Theory with special focus upon the early years of the Frankfurt School of sociology; Marxist social theory; psychoanalysis; critical pedagogy; widening participation; cultural-historical activity theory; labour history; visual techniques in research; and research ethics.

Selected Publications


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