Julie-Anne Regan

Job Title: Director of Studies, PGC

Telephone: 0151 794 1349

Fax: 0151 794 2512

Email: jregan@liverpool.ac.uk

Job Role:

My primary role is that of Director of Studies for the Post Graduate Certificate Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE). I also contribute to the other programmes and workshops offered by the Educational Development team; particularly in the area of assessment and providing learner feedback.


I joined the University of Liverpool in October 2015. However, this is not my first experience of Liverpool, as I undertook my nurse training at the Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital in the late 1970’s. I worked in various locations, as a nurse, until 1995 including Wales, the South of England, Belize in Central America and Papua New Guinea. In 1995, I started working in Nurse Education in the University of Brighton, where I had previously been a student on their Degree in Nursing programme for registered nurses. After two years my husband and I moved to Barbados in the West Indies, where I worked as a Nurse Tutor. In May 2000 we moved back to the UK and I went to work in the University of Chester, in the Faculty of Health and Social Care. Whilst I maintained an interest in healthcare, specifically healthcare ethics, the main focus of my professional work shifted to leadership of learning and teaching in the Faculty. I then took up the role of Academic Development Advisor and Programme Leader of the MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in 2006. This role was based in the Learning and Teaching Institute at the University of Chester.


My main areas of interest include assessment design and rethinking student feedback for greater impact on learning. This is an area of practice which demands a huge investment of time and energy by staff and learners, and is therefore an extremely important aspect of my role as an educational developer.

Another key area of interest has been ‘research ethics’. Originally this was related to healthcare research but more recently I have been researching the ethics of pedagogic research. I have also undertaken research into the moral role obligations of students and lecturers and the teaching philosophies of higher education lecturers.

I am currently collaborating with an Australian researcher to explore the perceptions of professional staff about their contribution to successful student outcomes. As the largest staff group in higher education, their impact on the retention, persistence and success of students is significant, but very under-researched.

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