Janet Strivens

Job Title: Educational Developer

Telephone: 0151 794 1167

Fax: 0151 794 2512

Email: strivens@liverpool.ac.uk

Job Role:

I am a member of the educational development team and teach in several modules on the Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MA in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. I am also part of the programme team for the Professional Doctorate in Education and act as Lead for the Technology-Enhanced Learning research cluster on the EdD.


After working at the Universities of Exeter, Aston and York, I joined the Department of Education at the University of Liverpool in 1979. During the 80's I was involved with all aspects of the department's work including initial teacher training. In the early 90's I became closely involved in the University's Enterprise in Higher Education Initiative, running staff development for academic staff on teaching, learning and assessment issues, and was seconded to the University's Centre for Careers and Academic Practice, the forerunner of the Centre for Lifelong Learning, where I have worked ever since. Currently a key area of activity is medical education: I provide educational support to the European Hematology Association for the development of online training of young specialists and am also involved in a project training new staff in medical and dental colleges in Pakistan.

I also work for the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) as Senior Associate Director, contributing to its work in the areas of e-portfolio development and personal development planning. This position gives me access to national and international developments in both technology and pedagogical practice to support the lifelong learner: CRA is currently a partner in an EU-funded project to build a network of e-portfolio practice and expertise across Europe.

I became a National Teaching Fellow in 2012.


My interests all cluster around supporting the learner and the learning process. I have special interests in collaborative learning; all aspects of assessment; personal development planning and the development of self-managed learners; curriculum design; and the use of technology to support all of the above. Outside work my activities and interests include gardening, choral singing, textiles (spinning, weaving, dyeing and embroidery) and food.


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