Charles Buckley

Job Title: Director of Studies PGDip/MA Learning and Teaching

Telephone: 0151 794 1165


Job Role:

My primary role is that of Director for the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDipHE) and the MA in Learning and Teaching. I also contribute to other programmes within the Academy and supervise students studying for their Ed.D as well as supporting colleagues applying for Fellowship at various categories.


I joined the University of Liverpool in September 2016 and previously worked as an educational Developer and Director for the PGCertHE at Bangor University within the CELT unit. My academic background is in Sports Science and I have taught that discipline in a number of universities including Hull, Leeds Trinity and Liverpool Hope. Prior to starting my academic career, I held several jobs including a primary school teacher and police constable. I have worked extensively in many institutions as an external examiner and supported the work of the SEDA on both the Publications and Scholarship, Research and Evaluation Committees. I was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2012 and have worked as Nations Officer on the Committee for the Association of National Teaching Fellows. I am also a Principal Fellow with the Higher Education.


My main areas of interest include research into perceptions of new academics involved in learning and teaching awards; the use of technology to support learning and teaching; supporting international students; the use of grounded theory as an approach to data collection and analysis and the use of diagrams in research. I am the Associate editor for Higher education Pedagogies and on the editorial Board for Innovations in Education and teaching International.

Conference presentations

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