World yOung Rheumatic Diseases (WORD) Day takes place annually on the 18th of March. Its aim is to raise the awareness and knowledge level of parents, doctors, primary practitioners, teachers, and the general public to help in early diagnoses, and quick referral to specialised paediatric rheumatologists.

In 2021 three members of our team participated in the round table webinar series.

Clinical trainee Dr. Eve Smith facilitated the WORD Day webinar, Ask the experts: Living with a juvenile rheumatic disease. She also participated in the panel, alongside one of our Associate Directors, Dr. Clare Pain.

Our Family Liaison Officer, Sammy Ainsworth facilitated the WORD Day webinar, Spotlight on parents of/and young patients with rheumatic diseases. Dr Smith also participated on the panel.

As part of WORD Day events and spreading the word about early diagnosis, Dr Smith also spoke with the Liverpool Paediatric Society about why pediatric rheumatology is important and more common than you might think.

 We have loved getting involved in WORD Day events and helping raise awareness of rheumatic conditions.


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