Earth Sciences

Isabel Ashman Deformation and Microstructures 
Joseph Aslin Deformation and Microstructures
Steve Beynon Deformation and Microstructures 
Louisa Brotherson Deformation and Microstructures 
Laura Scott Deformation and Microstructures 
Elliot Rice-Birchall Deformation and Microstructures 
Minxuan Feng Earthquake Seismology and Geodynamics
James Holt Earthquake Seismology and Geodynamics
Júlia Gómez Romeu Earthquake Seismology and Geodynamics
Yael Engbers Geomagnetism
Joseph Grappone Geomagnetism
Louise Hawkins Geomagnetism

Daniele Thallner Geomagnetism

Simon Lloyd Geomagnetism

Dinfa Barshep Sedimentary Geology

Muhammed Dahiru Sedimentary Geology 
Isabella Masiero Sedimentary Geology

Naboth Simon Sedimentary Geology

Stephan Toby Sedimentary Geology

James Utley Sedimentary Geology

Peter Wooldridge Sedimentary Geology
Guðjón Helgi Eggertsson Volcanology
Suraya Hilmi Hazim Volcanology
Amy Hughes Volcanology
Oliver Lamb Volcanology
Josh Weaver Volcanology
Jenny Schauroth Volcanology

Oceans and Climate

Dave Byrne Oceans and Climate
Eugenio Ruiz Castillo Oceans and Climate
Nealy Carr Oceans and Climate
Anastasiia Domina Oceans and Climate

Arthus Gourain Oceans and Climate
Jenny Jardine Oceans and Climate
Valérie Le Guennec Oceans and Climate
Kieran Newman Oceans and Climate
Charlotte Smith Oceans and Climate
David Williams Oceans and Climate
Anthony Wise Oceans and Climate

Ecology and Marine Biology

Ruth Dunn Ecology and Marine Biology
Stephanie Harris Ecology and Marine Biology
Olivia Hicks Ecology and Marine Biology
Richard Howells Ecology and Marine Biology

Theresa Jones Ecology and Marine Biology
Stephanie Law Ecology and Marine Biology
James Probert Ecology and Marine Biology