Rheometry Laboratory

Room A4.09, Jane Herdman Laboratories

The Rheometry laboratory was established in 2014 and is integral to accurate analogue modelling of geological processes.

The laboratory

The Rheometry laboratory is based on the fourth floor of the Jane Herdman Building.  It is a multi-disciplinary facility that meets research needs across the Faculty of Science and Engineering.  It is a key facility within the Volcanology group with strong links to the MAGMA lab. 


  • HAAKE MARS III Rheometer – rotational rheometer with a Peltier temperature plate and a range of head plate geometries.

Key Contact

Dr. Janine Kavanagh, Lecturer in Geology. Email Janine

Research Projects

Funding that supports this laboratory includes grants from The Royal Society and the University of Liverpool. This facility is central to many research goals and topics across the volcanology group, details of which can be found in our Research page.


Recent outputs can be found in the Volcanology Publications page.