Sedimentology and Diagenesis


Our research is both theoretical and applied in nature and we collaborate widely with the academic community and industrial partners worldwide.

We are world experts in the following fields:-

  • Prediction of optimum reservoir quality deep in sedimentary basins through a unique level of understanding of diagenetic processes in modern sediments and ancient sedimentary rocks.
  • Prediction of gas geochemistry, and especially toxic and environmentally damaging hydrogen sulphide, in oil and gas accumulations.
  • Prediction of the geochemical and geomechanical properties of low permeability sedimentary rocks that form seals to both oil and gas fields and carbon storage sites.
  • Quantification of past environmental change in response to atmospheric and oceanic forcing, and
  • Reconstructing palaeoenvironments over human timescales including those of our earliest ancestors. 
  • Assessment of reservoir quality, in both clastic and carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs
  • Assessment of cap-rock and unconventional hydrocarbon systems properties, both mechanical and geochemical
  • Monitoring and management of water resources at Earth’s surface and at depth
  • Detailed identification of geological materials, combining various advanced analytical techniques