Sedimentary Geology


Sedimentary geology is a multifaceted subject that includes process-sedimentology, stratigraphy, basin analysis, palaeontology, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrophysics, petroleum geology and hydrogeology. 

Sedimentary geology has applications in oil and gas exploration and exploitation, CO2 capture and storage, drinking water supply, geo-hazard risk assessment and mitigation. 

Sedimentary geology also serves to provide us with an archive of Earth history, allowing us to reconstruct a record of environmental change across continents and through time. 

Here at Liverpool we focus on quantitative analysis of sedimentary records to gain a more detailed understanding of Earth history. We study modern analogues of sedimentary systems to better understand ancient, deeply buried sedimentary rocks. To attain a thorough understanding of the sedimentary record we have taken a novel approach by quantifying the morphology, mineralogy, microtexture, body & trace fossils, geochemistry, and sequence of rock deposition.