Sedimentary Geology


Quantitative Analysis of Sedimentary Process and Product

  • Understanding and modelling complex processes of sediment transport, deposition and diagenesis
  • Quantitative prediction of distribution of heterogeneity in strata
  • Quantitative prediction of surface processes, linking modern processes with deep-time products. 

The sedimentary processes research group comprises geoscience staff who research the Earth-surface and burial processes that lead to formation of complex heterogeneous strata. Our research has applications in mineral exploration, carbon sequestration and prediction of geohazards, global change and their societal impact. Current research themes include:

  • Prediction of optimum reservoir quality deep in sedimentary basins from understanding diagenetic processes in modern sediments and ancient sedimentary rocks.
  • Prediction of the geochemical and geomechanical properties of low permeability sedimentary rocks that form seals to both oil and gas fields and carbon storage sites.
  • Reconstructing fundamental flow processes from sedimentary deposits in the modern and ancient geological record
  • State-of-the-art experimental and numerical modelling that links flow processes with their deposits
  • Detailed identification of geological materials, combining various advanced analytical techniques
  • Prediction of heterogeneity in carbonate strata using state-of-the-art numerical stratigraphic forward models

Investigating the fundamental nature of strata through quantitative analysis of their signal and noise content.