Determining Earth Evolution from Palaeomagnetism


The Geomagnetism Laboratory at the University of Liverpool houses world-class facilities for the undertaking of palaeomagnetic, archaeomagnetic, and rock magnetic experiments. 

A key research focus is ancient geomagnetic field behaviour and this, combined with our rich history of instrument development, has led to the development of unique-in-the-world items such as our high frequency microwave palaeointensity system.

These are backed up by a comprehensive suite of commercial instrumentation as shown below allowing us to engage in a broad range of academic and industrial research activities (e.g. archaeomagnetic dating, core orientation using viscous magnetisation, magnetic mineral characterisation). 

If you wish to use any of our facilities, please contact us individually or via our lab email address:

Other equipment include:

  • Custom slow cooling oven for cooling rate experiments
  • 2x MMTD24 thermal demagnetisers
  • Tumbling AF demagnetiser
  • Meija optical microscope
  • 2 x Molspin Spinner Magnetometers
  • Rock drills and saws