Determining Earth Evolution from Palaeomagnetism


The Geomagnetism Group at the University of Liverpool is one of the longest established and best-equipped groups of its type in the world. There has been geomagnetic research performed in a bespoke laboratory at Liverpool since 1963 and we continue to produce world-leading research into the magnetic field of Earth and other planets.

Our research spans the behaviour, recording and application of geo- and planetary magnetic fields ranging on timescales from sub-annual to billions of years.  Specific foci include:

  • Examining how evolution of the core and mantle affect the generation of the Earth's magnetic field. See the DEEP research group’s website here
  • Probing the dynamics of the geodynamo
  • Exploring the impact of changing Earth rotation on the geomagnetic field
  • Modelling the magnetic fields of gas/ice giants and their time variation
  • Improving the fidelity of palaeomagnetic measurements

We are also active in providing magnetic services to customers in the archaeological, hydrocarbon, and mining sectors. Please see services page for more information.

If you are interested to learn more about the Earth’s magnetic field or our Royal Society stand “Magnetic to the Core”, please visit our public engagement website