Earthquake Seismology and Geodynamics

Seismic monitoring equipment

This equipment is available for both academic and commercial use. We are able to provide a wide range of services, ranging from a simple equipment loan, to a full deployment and analysis of data. Seismic equipment that is currently available includes,

  • 12 x Trillium 120 broadband seismometers, with Taurus data loggers.
  • 25 x trillium compact semi-broadband seismometers, with EDR data loggers.
  • 25 x 4.5 Hz 3 component geophones, with OMNIREX data cube loggers.

Real-time data transmission & processing capabilities

Can be provided worldwide

Seismic analysis software (SDX, ms_picker & binder)

We have a range of software for manually or automatically picking and associating local seismicity. This software has widely been applied to aftershock seismicity. In includes SDX (Seismic Data eXplorer), a program for quickly and easy seismic picking and earthquake location, and ms_picker, an automatic picker for use on large data sets where manual picking is unrealistic.