Electron Microscopy Laboratory – EBSD-SEM - (Nicholson Building)

Our state of the art EBSD-SEM Electron Microscopy Laboratory supports research and teaching as well as offering facility services to external organisations, including other Universities and Industry. It comprises a Philips XL30 tungsten filament SEM and a CamScan X500 CrystalProbe field emission gun (FEG) SEM. The SEMs are equipped with cutting edge technology for EBSD and EDS.

Rock Deformation Lab

Since 2003 the Rock Deformation Laboratory at the University of Liverpool has designed, constructed and modified equipment capable of performing deformation and fluid flow experiments at various conditions ranging from the mid-crust to the Earth's surface.

The lab supports PhD Research, Post-Doctoral Research and Teaching within the University.  It also welcomes leading researchers and industry experts to use the state of the art facilities.

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