We conduct cutting-edge research into the deformation processes that shape our planet from the mantle to the upper crust. We combine traditional structural geology with new and emerging laboratory techniques to understand deformation and microstructural processes at a fundamental level. 

Our internationally leading research group brings together expertise in the properties and mechanics of faults, the rheology of the crust and mantle, the microstructure of brittle and ductile rocks, and ore deposits. We combine field studies around the world with experiments, microstructural observations, and numerical modeling. 

Our cutting-edge laboratory facilities include novel high-pressure, high-temperature deformation apparatus, state-of-the-art electron microscopy, and the latest analytical equipment. The group’s research is advancing our understanding of fundamental physical processes in Earth Sciences, making the world a safer, more sustainable place - by enabling emerging technologies such as CO₂ sequestration in hydrocarbon reservoirs, the development of geothermal energy, and earthquake hazard assessment.