Marine Biogeochemistry Laboratories

Marine Biogeochemistry

We have several well-equipped laboratories dedicated to identifying and quantifying key biogeochemical parameters in aquatic environments, supporting our research in Ocean Sciences. Our analytical strengths are in the measurement of inorganic and organic nutrients and trace metals. Our trace metal labs specialize in method development and some of our equipment was designed or modified in Liverpool.  


For questions or information about our facilities, including sample analysis or direct access, please contact Louisa Norman:  

Instruments and Capabilities 

  • Assortment of Metrohm and Computrace voltammeters for trace metal organic speciation, with dosinos and autosamplers. 
  • Laminar flow environments for clean sample preparation. 
  • Oxygen and pH electrodes. 
  • Bran and Luebbe QuAAtro 5-channel nutrient analyser 
  • Shimadzu TOC/TN analyser 
  • Organic phosphorus using persulfate analysis
  • Carlo Erba Elemental Analyser for particulate carbon and nitrogen