Online Lecture by Professor Eric Achterberg

Online Lecture by Professor Eric Achterberg, to celebrate 100 years of Ocean Studies. Professor Eric Achterberg is an alumnus at University of Liverpool (PhD Earth Sciences 1994)

The worlds’ oceans play a key role in the earth climate system. Oceans take up large amounts of atmospheric CO2 through physical and biological processes, and thereby buffer climate change. The supply of nutrients, including phosphorus, nitrogen and iron controls the productivity of phytoplankton in the ocean and consequently the ocean CO2 uptake by biological processes.

Human activity is changing the oceans, with warming and pollution forming critical pressures.

In our team we undertake fieldwork around the globe, in all ocean regions. This talk will discuss the effects of trace metal and nutrient supply on ocean productivity and will show current research on ocean productivity and carbon uptake. Aspects of fundamental research will be presented, but also links with engineers and industry to improve technologies to observe our oceans. Work will be presented that has been conducted as part of the International SOLAS and GEOTRACES programmes, but also applied projects on discovery and removal of historic munitions in coastal waters.