Virtual Field Trips

AM Sunday 20th December

Pleistocene-age mud withdrawal basins and diapirism driven by tidal sedimentation

Bawdsey, Suffolk, UK

Gillian Apps and Frank Peel, AGL, The University of Texas at Austin

The Suffolk coastline is a highly dynamic modern environment, with stretches of sandy sea cliffs that are being rapidly eroded. One of the areas worst affected by coastal erosion is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest at Bawdsey East Lane ( In this km-long stretch of cliff are a series of mud withdrawal basins, where earliest Pleistocene (Gelasian) warm-water tidal sediments of the Red Crag are loaded into mobile Eocene age mudrocks (Harwich Beds). The structures have been described as being the result of ice-age deformation (ice-push or cryotectonics), but we demonstrate that this is not the case, and that this is instead the product of diapirism and mud withdrawal, and that the structures are syn-sedimentary.

This 40-minute virtual field trip combines video taken at the outcrop with narrated images and outcrop photographs to highlight the key observations and interpretations. 

PM Sunday 20th December

A Virtual Field Trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park: Let’s Go VFT!

Jon Noad

Join us as we (virtually) visit some stunning Campanian outcrops in this World Heritage Site, located in central Alberta. We will examine sedimentary structures, channel architecture and evolution through time, and explore the implications for fluvial sequence stratigraphy. There will also be a little background on the Park and its fossils. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces from previous BSRG field trips, and some new participants who want to see for themselves how to VFT in 2020. Videos shot in the Park will be interspersed with explanatory slides to build up the depositional history of the Park.

The virtual trip will last 40 minutes.