Scientific Sessions

We have the following preliminary plan for sessions:

Session TitleSession Explanation
Siliciclastic Systems and Strata Processes, environments, and a products in siliciclastic systems. All settings and all scales welcome
Carbonate Systems and Strata Processes, environments, and products in carbonate systems. All settings and scales welcome
Burial Processes and Products Diagenetic processes in siliciclastic and carbonate strata, and related resevoirs properties for flow, extraction and sequestration
Communicating Sedimentology: Best Practice and Case Studies How can we best communicate the various aspects of sedimentology to effectively educate and influence opinion and policy? Case studies on contentious issues welcome 
"Seds and the City": Impact of Humans on Sedimentary Systems The sedimentary record of human impact on the environment, the onset of Anthropocene, predictions and mitigation and clean-up for the future 
The Big Challenge: Defining the Direction and Purpose of Sedimentology Society is changing, we need to change too: in what directions should sedimentology go grow its relevance and impact?

We will be contacting people to act as session chairs, but if you would like to volunteer, please do contact us and let us know.