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59th British Sedimentological Research Group Annual General Meeting

19th – 22nd December 2020

Liverpool University Central Teaching Hub 

Why attend BSRG 2020?

The BSRG AGM is a great chance to catch up on all the latest developments in UK and broader sedimentological and stratigraphic research, or present your own research results in a conference environment with a long tradition of supporting early-career researchers and postgraduate students. Aside from the research content, the meeting is also a good opportunity to meet lots of other sedimentary geology researchers in the UK and European community, either online, or if we can meet physically, with a social programme designed to help you meet and socialise. Liverpool is also a great city to spend a few days, with lots of places to stay, eat, and, when you have had your cut-and-fill of turbidite channels, to relax and have some fun. 

Conference format Update

Currently the format of the conference is uncertain due to the ongoing pandemic, so the format of the conference may be normal, online, or some hybrid of both, following whatever BSRG and government guidance applies. Whatever format we use, we will make sure that there is plenty of time allocated for discussion and debate.

More information on the most likely format will follow as soon as we know more about what is most likely to be possible by December 

Scientific Sessions

We already have a great set of suggestions for presentation sessions, ranging from more traditional themes like significant stratal surfaces, composite deep-water processes, and analysis of source-to-sink systems, to more recently developed research interests such as microplastics in river systems and best-practice in science communication. Final details on all these will follow later in the year (see calendar above right) but for now some more information is available via the scientific sessions link in the menu bar on the left