International Opportunities

International Opportunities

Overseas Trips

Working in different environments is beneficial to everyone, no matter the stage of your education or career. We recognise the importance of getting these different experiences and encourage our students to take as many opportunities to learn from different perspectives as possible. As part of our undergraduate degrees all of our students therefore take part in an overseas trip, which we help to subsidise; this is a fantastic opportunity to travel to a research group abroad and speak to the scientists involved in a wide range of activities, and experience for yourself different working and social cultures. 

Where you go will be up to you and your own personal interests, so you can even use this as an opportunity to find out how get to where you want to be in your careers. For instance, in 2013 Kate and Juliette travelled to the Bay Islands, in the Caribbean, where they got involved in shark research with the Whale Shark Oceanic Research Centre, but really made the most of their visit!

Study Abroad

The University of Liverpool also provides opportunities for lengthier periods of studying abroad, usually for periods of around 1 semester in the second or third year of study. These programs allow students to gain credits in modules hosted by other institutions which translate directly into your degree here, so it won’t be adding any time on to your course – but you will be gaining the benefits of a broader experience. If this sounds interesting then check the University’s Study Abroad pages for more information.