About us

The past and future of the solid Earth, the oceans and life are all inexorably linked. In this department we research and teach about the solid Earth (Geology and Geophysics), about the seas and oceans (Oceanography), and about how groups of organisms evolve and interact (Ecology and Marine Biology).

Our work often crosses the boundaries between these areas, for instance addressing how the physics of ocean currents affects nutrient supply for marine organisms, and how climate change – registered in the isotopic composition of seawater- is recorded in the rocks which formed in that seawater.

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences at Liverpool comprises the disciplines of Geology and Geophysics. Earth Sciences are concerned with understanding the evolution of the solid and molten parts of our planet. Find out more about our Geology and Geophysics programmes.

Ocean Sciences

The oceans have been studied at Liverpool University since the formation of the Liverpool Tidal Institute in 1919, with research and teaching now encompassing the physics, chemistry and biology of the oceans and our climate.‌ Find out more about our Find out more about our Ocean Sciences programmes.

Ecological Sciences

Liverpool was the first UK University to offer a degree in Marine Biology, and is an established leader in Ecology. As Ecologists and Marine Biologists we seek to understand patterns of diversity in the natural world and the processes and mechanisms that shape them. Find out more about our Ecology and Marine Biology programmes.